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Covid and Dresses

I am probably being dramatic but my doctor sent me off to the Covid testing centre today. It was hard on my bike in the snow at stupid o'clock and if I was not sick before, I certainly was afterwards.

Fortunately, as I am now a digital internet sensation (well OK, the Dominartist is) I am still able to get a few things done.

Blogging from the sickbed is no mean feat but it is fairly easy on the tortured virus filled body. I may not have Covid, it may be flu. Remember flu? It used to be really bad. Not now, no one bats an eye. Well, ladies and gentlemen and those in between, I feel like death and I will share my misery anywhere I can.

I am just about able to work on my new magazine. A radical arts production with updates about art and features about myself and other arty radicals each month.

Needless to say, as soon as I get my result I will be shouting it from the digital rooftops.

Feel free to share these images and get in touch for any queries about permissions etc.