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Cat and Mouse

I am Cat

said Cat

Proud and loud

The mouse turned and looked

with disdain

at Cat's large girth,

and tangled mane


A ragged beast indeed

a disgrace to your creed

said Mouse

Cat turned and raised a brow

then made a


I am Cat (again)

My whiskers are as long as a rat

My belly like jelly

round and fat....


I'm a sailor's cat.

Rum for breakfast

beat that


with a pout

not quite a shout


I am a lady's mouse

with a house

in a fine lady's wig

It's a pretty good gig

beat that you prig

Don't be a prat

said the cat

I am allowed out all night

to wander and fright

I am king of the tiles

I travel for miles

under the moon

whilst you're in your room

I was out last night

also giving frights

said Mouse

at a fancy ball in fact

canapes n all

I ate like a king

was filled to the brim

brought sausages back

they're in my rucksack

I love 'sausiges'

said cat

crossing his


to reminisce

I love Rum said Mouse

let's go to your house

and feast the beasts

that own this town

© 2020 Goddamn Media / Sarnia de la Mare


© 2020-2021 Dominartist


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