Call for Artists

Questions for radical (political, transgender, BAME, neurodiverse, outsider, feminist, erotic) artists, performers, filmmakers, recording artists etc.

What is your name? From where do you hail? What genre(s) are you currently working in? If you had to describe your work to a 5-year-old or an alien, what would you say? What is radical about you or your output? How are you feeling about the Covid-19 situation? Could you give a highlight and low point of your practice?

Finally, I need all your links and at least 4, more if possible, gorgeous/radical, interesting images with captions of you and your work.

Please send to me here or to and I will feature you on the new blog for Dominartist, a radical arts website funded by Future's Venture.

Peace and Love

Dominartist x

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