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Black Flute, free lesson E flat Minor, with Sarnia de la Maré at Tale Teller Club

Updated: 2 days ago

Black Flute is a musical study piece in E Flat Minor.

If you are a pianist, it means I used the black notes on the keyboard, so there are no F naturals unless I added them to the harmony voices in the edit. This score is a pared-down version as my release is a bit fancier with some extra decorations but this is a great study to learn this lovely key. It is also much easier than you think and once you get the spacings, a doddle, I promise. E-flat minor is a minor scale based on E. It consists of the pitches E♭, F, G♭, A♭, B♭, C♭, and D♭. Its key signature consists of six flats. Its relative key is G-flat major and its parallel key is E-flat major. The direct enharmonic equivalent of E-flat minor is D-sharp minor, a key signature of six sharps.

Relative key: G-flat major Parallel key: E-flat major Dominant key: B-flat minor Enharmonic: D-sharp minor Subdominant: A-flat minor


I had uploaded the score to Muscore but it completely changed the key and note with their automated system so let's try this video instead as a guide.

Here is the score we are using. It is really good for learning thumb position, extended positions etc, and of course the Eb minor scale.

Here is a version with the piano and winds......it is not quite my published version but it is fine to practice with.

I am recording the cello part today and the track will be finished over the weekend so we can play along properly.

Because Black Flute is a study it repeats the same motif throughout so you can learn that and improvise instead without reading the music.