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Beautiful Dreamer with Sarnia de la Maré practice buddy day for Easter Saturday, all instruments.

Updated: Apr 3

I will be doing this all day Easter Saturday, both parts, before we leave first position practice sessions and move to second position pieces.

In fact, this piece does have some optional shifts but we can also do the entire work, both parts, in first position so everyone can join in.

We will really benefit from 20 times challenge with this one as it scoots along at a nice steady pace.

Let's focus on beautiful tone and fluid string crossings all day and get another piece for our repertoire.

This page will be updated throughout the day with the podcasts and other useful things I come across.

I will give an intro on improvisation for ear players.

Here is the music. Thanks to Jonathan Humphries who is an amazing teacher. He is on YouTube as well and I have shared some of his videos on our Tale Teller Club pages.


I think our version will be a bit more interesting as this one is a bit wooden. Of course, I will do drum and synth backing tracks for members too.

Here is a good explanation of compound time for the mathematically minded and theory curious amongst us.


After you have worked on this all day you can maybe record your parts on your phone and play over the top of them.


Here is the accompanying podcast for deep practice. I suggest you practice each bar 20 times. The first cello is way better than the second which is just clumsy and a bit ugly in my opinion, but I went through it anyway.

I uploaded a really nice piano accompaniment though so see what you think

Any questions, drop me a message via the member pages.

Podcast for practice buddy session with Sarnia at Tale Teller Club

The link to podcasts on Spotify


We will be using the backing from muscore here


Here is the Guitar version too.

And here is the piano version


Here is the sexier backing with drums. It is pretty rudimentary but designed to give things some oomph! It is played twice with the piano-only version straight after the podcast show.


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