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Origin of the World – Gustave Courbet, 1866

If we consider the furore this controversial painting of full nude was in the 19th century, it is awesome to imagine how brave and radical Gustave Courbet was for his time

The Origin of the World, an extremely realistic, up-close painting of a woman’s naked thighs, vagina and torso was considered pornographic. The painting was completely revolutionary for its time, since Courbet chose to focus in on the woman’s genitals and naked body, not even depicting her face. As a result, this piece of controversial art is still causing a stir today: in 1994, French police removed a novel which had a reproduction of the painting on its cover from bookstalls. In 2011, Facebook censored The Origin of the World, disabling accounts that put up a picture of the painting.

I hope this makes you feel better about your erotic art that gets thrown off every social media platform going.....I know it helps me!

I am very keen to show art that is considered as 'not art, porn'. Drop me a line and let's do a piece about you and your work.

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