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Bach Prelude Practice Aid, Digital Backing Track Times 20

I popped the backing track up ready for our mega practice this week.

It takes an hour and a bit, so it is doable. Imagine you are playing with an orchestra and you can't stop.

Make sure you have eaten and had water in advance and go to the loo, obviously.


The idea is to improve your ability to relax as repeating the process gets you to an almost hypnotic state and the body naturally finds the best way to play comfortably.

You will also realise where you keep making mistakes and be able to address them.

I recommend that you stop the recordings if you are making bad mistakes and sort them out by annotating the score or getting the issue solved before continuing.

But as this is a bit of a marathon, let's do it on Monday in one go with a couple of breaks for stretching ....you will hear me in the background live and no doubt making lots of mistakes as I get tired.

I will also be playing around with different ways to phrase the piece and to add some alternative flavour. Personally I will be working on tone as the practice goes on and also ensuring that my bow remains nice and straight, something I lose focus on as I play.

If it becomes sore you will need to stop.

I'm scared!