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Bach Prelude in G Bars 33 34 35 36 37 38 with Sarnia at the Tale Teller Club Free Lessons

We are finishing the Prelude this weekend and I have made a backing track to funk things up a bit which we can start asap for the 20 times challenges.

I am very excited about getting through this amazing challenge bar by bar which has really proved that my system works.

I will do the other grade 8 pieces next as a few people have asked but I see that Greensleeves is the most downloaded lesson so may seek out something similar.

Message me with requests. www.dominartist.co.uk/contact

Here is the Backing track. I sampled it and popped a drum beat underneath with some dirty bass guitar and of course my synth.

Here is the drone....please use it if you are practicing without the podcasts!


And finally here is my annotated Tale Teller Club score to date.

Remember that the basic study we have done so far is really a mapping out and the next week will be about stamping our personality on the work. We can do whatever we want, this is ours now! We have learned the fingerings and the shifts and now comes the exciting part, playing with our backing tracks and joining the virtual band!

I will add the last bit today when I have recorded it.