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Ave Maria Backing Track at the Tale Teller Club

Updated: Mar 21

I am a practice buddy for musicians and basically help with repeat practicing. Mostly cello but I can help with any instrument.

You can sign up and connect with other musicians too and we are all working on a really easy version of Ave Maria this week.

You can download the score and play along etc.

It is a great way to learn and is beginner's level with a chance to do lots of impro if you fancy it.


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Another Saturday in as we try to stay healthy and happy in the UK this weekend.

I spent yesterday on a line of Ave Maria to see if the 20 times rule holds any validity.

The answer is obvious, of course it does. I managed to commit the notes to memory which is a big first for me, yep, all four of them. I still managed to mess up the bowing mind you. Determination took over from the pursuit of pleasure yesterday.

But, it was one of the most boring exercises I have ever done, musically, and is on a par with learning the Victorian Corn Laws for my O Level History.

Today I am taking a slightly different approach and doing things quicker and with some life, a bit of vavavoom. Then, and here is the exciting bit....I am making a quick backing track with some drums and whistles!

I simply cannot permit the Tale Teller to be dull.

It takes a lot of effort to film too so today I will record a soundtrack only as the practice buddy and see if that is more interesting for participants. I have a feeling it will mean I can race through things without trying to look at myself en cam!

When it is done I will do a proper video with a backing track and funk it all up a bit and it means anyone can play along. It will launch a series of play along pieces at the Tale Teller Club as I fuse the old and new and try to inject some life into them.

I might do a bit of 'chopping' and get some guitar riffs in. Schubert, I hope it wakes you up!

In other news.....

Here is one of the new dress releases for the weekend. It is a limited edition of 100 and uses my Scottish dancer design to make a plaid.

More are available here


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