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Art from Abuse, taking control of damage

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I was completely thrown recently when I read a diary account written by one of my abusers.

The account has caused me to become enlightened, totally, and, although it made very difficult reading, it has put the world in perspective for me.

I have created an artwork from it which will be on show at the exhibition as part of the 'Shame' Installations.

I hope it is difficult and ugly because abuse is and it needs to end.

I am empowered by this turn of events and do believe it really does mark the finale of the show.

I will still blog and update the shop but all energy will now go into the new show Domino and some conceptual artworks that I am working on.

I am also hoping to develop a new system of teaching music and will be applying for funding. I remain patient on that score. It will be great to get out of lockdown and meet other musicians though I did just buy a grand piano and will be working on my grade 8s so might be in for the summer!

Dominartist makes art about child abuse in the new show entitled SHAME


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