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Art Dresses and Instagram Influencers

I have developed an extreme shyness since my last performance which was well before lockdown and involved me parading about in character as the Golden Dominatrix.

Partly, it is because I am out of practice flaunting myself publically, but also, I have such a strange sense of exposure and what it means to the evolution of my personal enlightenment.

It may be because I am older, it may be because I simply cannot be bothered to dress up, it may be because I value my privacy because that is when I work best, or it may be because I simply don't want to share myself.

Whatever the reason, I decided not to be my own model for the new Dominartist clothing range and have decided to employ the talents of Instagram influencers.

These influencers know their stuff.

My first model is booked and I will do a photo release in a week or so once the garb arrives and she has exhausted her selfie poses.

I am so very excited.

In yet another way my creative model has adapted in lockdown; the government rules of staying apart won't halt the collaboration between model and artist despite the distance.

Having said that, I will be buying my own collection for the big reveal after we are released from Covid prison, because they look great on a moving human.

The first features the Dominartist logo of course from the exhibition. And the second was a watercolour painting from the Eco- Fam catwalk which was sadly cancelled last May.

Nothing is wasted, just delayed.

Pop to the shop here and tell me your favourite.