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Around the Block by Blog with Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

An introduction to me, editor in chief and general agitator for the publishing side of things here at the Dominartist Project.

I am thrilled to have founded the project and, with a great deal of financial and creative support from the Future's Venture Foundation, be able to move on to the business side of things.

What does that mean in these difficult times when business and the arts are struggling to work in unison?

Well, I am not alone in predicting a few months in the summer when artists and entrepreneurs will be like wound springs ready to explode with ideas and creativity.

I for one am set to launch and present a new online TV show which will focus on wellbeing and human endeavour through creativity.

Humanity can be saved through art and music and I am a tool for change. I risk sounding overly optimistic but someone needs to be. Besides, I have seen the light.

The media online is so very powerful and yet it charges on, unrepentant and unregulated making a mockery of decency.

The changes we have experienced in this year of lockdown mean that we have had to re-evaluate how we engage with the world. But media with conscience is the only way to make decent societies and happy individuals. Bad media causes depression and suicide and it cripples intellectual advancement.

The enslavement of the people to the crippling business model is not the answer any of us are seeking, we just think it is because we are consumers and without consumers, the business mo

del fails. We will die naked in robes of regret if we follow this new world order. Greed is a drug.

The Dominartist Project can offer a platform for exchanging intellectual ideas as well as providing entertainment. And we must never let go of that; entertainment is key to good mental health as well as education and enlightenment.

So I will try to be entertaining as well enlightening with the news I share and the articles I write here and on The Mental Times Page.

Sarnia de la Maré


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