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Another Lockdown and a Cold Winter for the UK, Covid-19 feels worse than World War 2

Updated: Jan 24

How depressing, Boris has shared with us new lockdown rules for the UK. It is time to hibernate darlings!

Get in some gin and chocolate, start a blog, write the book, adopt a pet, make art.

Above all, we need to stay sane and that is going to be hard.

I had my second cold water swim today and it is one of the few activities we can still do in the current rules so I will throw it out there. I cycle to Stokes Bay so by the time I get there I am already warm. I won't lie, the journey does feel like I am going to the gallows. The adrenalin rush is, however, quite exquisite and not dissimilar to the many other extreme risks I have taken in my crazy life.

I filmed today's trip and am using the footage for new films by the Dominartist.

A word of warning, do not cold water swim when you have a lot to do afterwards. I am exhausted!

Watch the Fanny Blomme films here


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