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An artist using an artist in an artwork

I created the Dominartist sometime ago and she aroused curiosity in other artists and creatives. The Dominartist became part of a project in London by a group of artists who were interested in selfies and the death of image, at least I think that's what they were doing, one can never be sure When it comes to other peoples work.

The exhibition culminated in a really cool show in London's Brick Lane in a small gallery that, as I recall, was ridiculously expensive for a weekend extravaganza.

I did a performance on the opening night where I recited poetry by the early incarnation of the domino artist.

Below is a photograph from one of the artworks on the wall at the show.

Unfortunately, I am unable to credit the artist as we have lost touch but I was certainly the model. I had been promised a couple of artworks but they were never forthcoming so I don't feel too guilty.