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Advice from the Sherpas and Cold Water Swimming Film

The Sherpas of Nepal have rightly attracted attention after climbing K2.

I took their advice today that if you don't pay attention you can die, or get frostbite at least.

Apparently, the key is to predict what will happen rather than wait until your body reacts to a condition, by which time, darlings, it is too late.

I went for a January dip in the Solent this afternoon and of course, stayed in until I lost all feeling in my flesh. I mean, it felt warm. Now I am paying the price as I popped the heating on to 30 degrees and now am unable to get warm hours later.

I really didn't act on the advice.....because humans don't. We are stubborn.

Back to the Sherpas, what is great about the story is that they have been climbing for years but are in the dark when the credits come and white climbers get all the praise.

Well done!

In other news, my details on the Future's Venture site have been updated and you can check out the news here.


I am very proud of what I achieved in Lockdown. now to prove my worth with the next big thing. Fanny Blomme, my weekly film series here at the Dominartist Project, is set to wow the world, one hopes at least.

In other news, I took the 360 GoPro to the beach and have some great footage. I may use it for this week's episode of Fanny Blomme. But I will also release some stills, as soon as I warm up!

The issues with working with the GoPro are mostly to do with the app and how glitchy it is but I am resisting using the online platform as it is too costly.

Peace from a chilly marina.