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A winter of writing and drawing: put the laptop down!

I am going back to basics this winter with some skills I learned as a child. Writing and colouring-in are the food of the season in lockdown and government-imposed incarceration.

Now that the blog and website are up and running, the workload will hopefully be lessened, but the obsession to make it look good continues and I am mindful to put the laptop down after morning coffee and actually produce art.

Websites are not art! No, really, they are something much less worthy and intangible. Fleeting realities only as good as the marketplace they exist in.

It was great news yesterday regarding a vaccine for Covid-19 and the impact of the news will lift the spirits, I hope, for us struggling artists and poets. I was rather enjoying the melancholy though, good fodder the depressing rhymes. It looks like us artists may have to cheer up.

I look so forward to the new year when I can hang out with my fellow artists and drink into the small hours whilst deliberating on the death of integrity.

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