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A poem from the archives by Khalil Goddard

Updated: Jan 9

The start of October sees the darkness envelope the brightly lit corners increasing each day until an explosion of fear and blood and horror that besets us on Halloween.


At the end of your weary path he waits

Dark Shadow guarding death’s cold gates

It is he that each of us will finally meet

At that moment life will seem so sweet.

He stands in silence as the banshees howl

His visage shadowed by his heavy cowl

The souls beyond him moan and groan

They forgot that this life is only on loan.

The sounds of the tortured dead

Will shrivel your soul with dread

But past the shadow two paths lead

Along one it’s true that demons feed.

The other path leading from that hideous place

Is surely known as the true path of grace

If you do not make it don’t others blame

It is you whose life was betrayal and shame.

Dark Shadow stands at the parting of the ways

With your soul from here on eternity plays

Along one path there is love, safety and light

The other choice will your whole eternity blight.

Don’t complain to that silent soulless shade

The choice of path, actions in life have made

DarkShadow only directs you to the next stage

Your route is already recorded on the page.

In life you can live happily in the shadowy dark

Be true and constant and you’ll leave your mark

In life you can live outwardly decent and clean

But your hypocrite soul makes your eternity mean.

The path to DarkShadow is long and fraught

But one thing life has to me surely taught

If you let love and compassion lead the way

For eternity my friends in the light you’ll play.

©Khalil Goddard 2013.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this poem may be reproduced in any form without the consent of the author.



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