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A Dress a Day by Fanny Blomme at the Dominartist™ Project

I will feature a printed dress each day from now on as we look forward to a better summer after the lockdown.

Here is today's wonder in moving cloth.

I did the design a while ago for a tee-shirt campaign and it continues to be one of my best sellers.

As with all the new releases at the Dominartist Project, this Fanny Blomme limited edition dress has the Dominartist logo on it. I chose a large white logo on the reverse as seen in the picture.

The dresses can be framed as artworks and I am waiting on my delivery of a cool frame I bought on eBay. I will update you with news of it and a review later.

A really great product too with spandex which means it keeps its pencil dress shape, even when you have been energetic in it!