The de la Maré system of learning encourages growth and development through general or focused musicianship. The system is student-led whilst preferring not to adhere to traditional terminology of student/teacher in favor of words that evoke feelings of companionship, empathy and collaboration.

The system works extremely well for learners who are recovering from trauma or PTSD. It is also recommended for learners who are seeking a more levelling, anxious free and enlightened way to learn that considers the human being as a musician first and technical performer second.

But technical skills are integral to progress so it is in the way these skills are shown, and how they are practiced, that sets the program apart.

Slow and sure progress with fun attention to detail and lots of improvisation, as well as reading scores, make for entertaining sessions for all.


Lessons are flexible and can work around people with anxiety during an episode or who are experiencing trauma response. Lessons are all currently virtual due to the pandemic and will remain so for anyone if they wish for any reason.


I am also setting up the music zone over the coming week with tips, tricks, accompaniments, videos and lessons for anyone wishing to subscribe monthly.

This is an example of one of the practice books that I may use when you work with me as a musical collaborator for our musicianship and instrument sessions using cello or piano.

You can download it and print it or use it online and if you prefer, I can set up a google drive and we can both annotate it.

The book does largely follow the Suzuki method which I am happy to use in my sessions but I am very flexible with methods as they all take us to the same place, just in slightly differing ways.

I must thank my own teacher trainer, Andrea Yun, for allowing it to be free share.