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Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

I am developing a system of pedagogy specifically for teaching adults who are victims of trauma, suffering from mental health issues, and/or exhibit neurodiverse characteristics.

I am looking for students as I develop my course modules and write my thesis and will be applying for funding when we are out of the pandemic emergency.

I can teach online of course and find that online teaching works really well for people challenged with leaving a place of safety. My lessons are £20 per hour (half price). I am looking for students who have little or no previous experience but have access to any of the following instruments which can be electric or acoustic:




Electronic and digital software Garageband or similar



Double Bass


Finger Harp

Please ask about instruments not listed



You can book single ad hoc sessions and can change times at reasonable notice.

I am a female teacher, fully qualified, living alone, and nothing will be recorded during lessons.