The Brighton Arts Club Fanzines

The BAC Magazines represent a few years of madness and mayhem captured in an ad-hoc and candid editorial that was really more of a fanzine than a serious contender for the shelves of influence and aspiration. The publications were thrown together between

gigs by members, activists, painters, poets and artist performers

who simply turned up to do their thing. 

We had no budget but the archival material in these publications is glorious.

I hope these magazines go some way to giving an idea of the vibrancy, the passion and the creative energy that was endemic as soon as an artist walked in the door of the wonderful Brighton Arts Club. It was a special place where things happened. It spawned genuine artist who actually did stuff, they didn't need to talk about it.

The newest publication 'SEX, DRUGS & FROCK & ROLL', is on its way soon, with the benefit of hindsight, better editing software and some more time as the live gigs dried up in lockdown.

F0r more books under the Dominartist banner pop over to our BOOKS section.

I will also be updating these publications with a modern edit and some extra photography.