The search for bloggers, jewels in the undergrowth

I had a great day yesterday seeking out writers and artists for the blog.

Since I removed myself from social media I have felt like an island, socially and creatively, and took myself to Quora and Reddit for coffee breaks.

I ask Quora a lot of things during the day that I would have asked my Facebook friends. And then there is Medium for some good articles. You still have to do a lot of sifting through to find the gems though. And always bear in mind that the internet tries to feed you all the time with stuff that is paid for on some level.

Anyway, I felt very connected and it was good to meet some hidden artists and to look at their work. It's weird that the internet feels as if we are being prolific and 'out there' but actually very few people get to see our work in the end.

I am preparing the next gallery, the Red Room, with some mixed works in the coming weeks and will focus some energies there. I am also working on my film Domino so it is a busy week ahead. I will be beavering away in the background as usual.

I was also thinking about publishing a project book, at a later date, of poems and art from our bloggers. It would be super to pair up an artist and a wordsmith. A free publication would be easiest for the admin but I will think on.

Peace x


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