The Countess of Brighton and Hackney Diaries

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I was to be entertained this weekend passed by Sir Peter Jarrettte, at a fine eatery along the busy Western Road in the city of Brighton and Hove. We were plied with rum, so we were told, for a change to vodka, though the management seemed to have forgotten to put rum in the exuberant cocktails. I am suspect that dishonour was afoot.....I mentioned this to the Lady Pembleton-Fraser, Mother is, of course, some years my senior and more wise in these details. Our guess then, after her suggestion, is that a rum essence was used. Having been teetotal for some five weeks one would expect a heady after effect.....your Countess had agreed to some five or six of these continental mixes and there was no effect. One is minded of the gift horse and did not look in its mouth. The fashion crowd showed willing participants in the proceedings. They were frivolous and fashionable and generally dull. One guest attempted to yank my wig from its foundations. The wench was an imbecile and her actions mark the calibre of Brightonians in this climate of recession, who seem to wander the town in their droves. The poor are idle with only sin to occupy them. I thanked Goddess that my escape to Londinium was but a few days hence. Brighton has lost its lustre and I am glad to be shot of its dull ache. Business has exceeded expectations and the first month of sales has been exceptional and I have quite gone mad with the purse. My new designer, Princess Nathalie of Former Glory (who has recently made hay and a small female child with a producer of music (most famous for the Countess pop record 'Pump up the Pussy') is to design and make a new ball gown. I am to host the Black and White Reunion Ball at Gilgamesh. I am to dine there with a band of women known as Girl's Aloud.....I am informed that they too have made popular songs though I am not familiar with their warblings. My dear friend Sir Tommy Mac has been most gracious in his attentions. There are many more events in the following months that the Countess has been pressed to attend and I am filled with excitement already. My move to the Hackney Palace was swift and smooth, not a single item was damaged. The new staff in Hackney runs faultlessly. Under advice from my business managers, I am to launch a new channel this very day. Viewers will be privy to the Countess life at the Palace in Hackney. Also one has published one's memoirs on Kindle......a newfangled tome! Sales of the Hackney Bloomer have exceeded expectations and I am to increase the number of seamstresses at the Palace.  I am heady with business requirements and look forward to several events this weekend. I will share details shortly. God bless you all my children.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney. 5/26/11 11:21 AM

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