Domino and Face Recognition

I have written the latest soundtrack for the next film which is a cartoon animation called Domino. I am playing around with anti-face recognition software and techniques, which are proving great fun and really playing into my dressing up desires.

Whilst the obvious solution to combat face theft by the internet giants is a pair of spectacles and a hat, I have been scouring Amazon and the like for masks.

Talking of Amazon, did you know that it makes most of its trade as a data storage facility? They own EVERYTHING! All the more reason to mask up.

I would get out a Burkha if I was that sort of a gal, but I don't feel comfortable with cultural appropriation. Having said that, when it comes to music I am always keen on fusion.

Back to the issue of faces. I bought a glorious mask from Etsy. The trader appeared to from the USA but the package arrived from China this week. It was very expensive and took weeks to arrive, probably due to the pandemic and the fact that the order was bouncing around the globe. It covers most of my face in swinging jewels. I love it, despite being overcharged. And the plus side is that Google bots will have a very hard job seeing who is behind it.

Anonymity brings freedom to women, indeed all of us.

Who said that....?

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