A Bank Holiday in Brighton from the Countess Diaries

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

It was truly a divine week in paradise as the Countess met up with an abundance of friends, old and new. Invites came fast and furious from both of my kingdoms of Brighton and Hackney. I was forced to decline several invitations due to my hefty commitments with regards to running the Palace and making sure my wards were catered for (although they tend to reject my catering in preference for their independence.)

Wednesday past was 'Biggy's Eve' as has become quite usual for us. ( Biggy is a name awarded to the good fellow by himself of course and I am no judge personally as Biggy is a dandy chap and hath no interest in the delicate sexes, and besides, naming oneself after one's member is a step too far in my book).

I believe Biggy was on his tenth day of celebration of life but one would never guess it as his good looks and humour disclose no such thing. His youth is his friend of course.

I am promised that Biggy is to start very soon the official portrait of the Countess and that it will be exhibited in the private view during Pride in August. I have quite a collection of wonderful portraits in the palace and this is a direct result of my fame in the vicinity.

Also this week I was to take Prince Abshir of Somalia as my companion to the Grosvenor Castle for celebrations. He was to cause something of a stir with his devilish good looks and debonair attitude. How wonderful Brighton is for the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the embracing of all. Indeed, my fine exotic friend was even to be approached by a married gentleman in the water closet......of course he declined any offers of a sordid nature as he would amount to nothing if he became a homewrecker. Brighton streets (and gutters) are crawling with such married gentlemen living two lives and this has always been the case. 'Tis not my place to judge for life is short and pleasure must be sought and cherished before an untimely death.

Adam of the Highway Clan arrived with Wouter Far-From-Home and their humour quite entertained me until the founders of the feast begged our removal around one o'clock at which point we were summoned to the Palace of Legends (where dreams and legends are made of course). A mix of exuberant dandies and even more married men up to mischief filled the dance floor and the gardens for smoking.

Sadly Prince Abshir became drunk with sheer happiness and requested we depart less it got the better of him. As a well-mannered countess of good breeding, I accompanied him briefly to the Palace of Vavoom, who seemed to forgive my gender this night and allow me access.

Sadly it was dull and I summoned my carriage to take me home.

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first published 5/4/10 6:20 PM

from the Diaries of a Countess

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